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Oakland, CA

 My name is Ariel Root Wolpe. I am a Jewish musician, artist, and community organizer. I love figuring out spiritual community and transforming people's hearts through music.

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Sisters and Misters

A group of passionate musicians dedicated to leading soulful prayer throughout Los Angeles. 

Sisters and Misters ~ two sisters and their misters, on a mission to spread original soulful music of all streams throughout their communities.  The band is made up of Ariel Root Wolpe, her sister Kendra Root Wolpe, Ariel's husband Jon Mitchell and Kendra's partner Adam Oliveras.  Sisters and Misters perform original folk music in Jewish and secular spaces throughout Los Angeles. 

Sisters and Misters Jewish services include energetic instrumentation, participatory singing, and the sacred words of sages past and present. They aim to craft a Shabbat or weekday experience of connection and celebration for all present. Their prayers merge traditional and contemporary music and prayer, resulting in an authentic and accessible experience for people of all backgrounds. By pairing chasidic melodies with sephardic  tunes, framed by teachings and original compositions, Sisters & Misters turns each step of prayer into a climb towards our highest selves, and offer a musical taste of God's presence in our lives. 

"In the darkest time of the year, we came together around ritual and were warmed by music so are light could truly shine. Together we sang, and danced, and shared in the tender vulnerability of community. The beauty of the music, and leadership through the ritual had the effect of forging a deep communal experience. I personally felt seen in my joy and my shadow, something that I think we all look for in community, and something that generally takes time to cultivate, beyond an evening. But that night of Hanukkah, we got there."   

~ Words from Joshua Reitzenstein, attendee at Sisters and Mister's show "Songs of Light: a Hanukkah Concert".