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Oakland, CA

 My name is Ariel Root Wolpe. I am a Jewish musician, artist, and community organizer. I love figuring out spiritual community and transforming people's hearts through music.


Follow me through community projects, Jewish experiences and artistic creations.

Chants from Passover

Valerie Wolpe

Over Passover, I went on two vision quests during a festival run by Wilderness Torah, called "Passover in the Desert". It took place in the serene Panamint Valley near Redwood National Park, miles away from any industrialization. Thanks to the beautiful guidance and the strong intention of the questers and community, I had a series of transformative experiences. I wanted to share two songs that I received during these quests. Here are the demo tracks "My Teachers" and "Spirit World" if you want to take a listen. You should be able to free download them if you like it!

I am recording an album this summer and will be including a professional recording of 'My Teachers.' I'm planning on selling this album to help raise money to pay for my first year of rabbinical school at American Jewish University in the fall. I look forward to sharing this album with you and staying connected as I begin my new journey!